Resistance Revisited

Observing Daily Struggles

About Resistance Revisted

This blog is not a guide nor a bible of any sort.  It is a journal of a husband, father, son, and will include daily observations of sorts with regards to the appropriate resistance that I believe Jesus meant for his called to follow.  I will be writing simple yet very complex journal excerpts to more or less relieve my brain of the many things that often float around looking for somewhere to land.  The sheer amount of volume my brain emits is often enough to send me into very awkward arenas of thought that beg to be understood or discarded per their relevance to the case in point.  With this blog I hope to put out as many thoughts as I can while also giving people another perspective to people that they may not have already ventured to discover.  I find putting my thoughts on paper is a very freeing activity that stimulates thoughts, spiritual vitality, emotional stress relief, and an avenue to witness to anyone willing to read a humble man’s writings.  I will also be writing about the many experiences I and my wife and family have experienced together that others may struggle with.  The amount of moments that I can be thankful for is truly astounding and to miss the opportunity to give perspective to anyone who could possibly learn from it would be pure selfishness.  Moments of epiphany should be recorded for all to see.  I am an open book.  My life is not my own and I am being called now to put forth the effort to inform as many people as will listen to an abnormal perspective especially on touchy subjects such as resistance. Resistance will be a focal point of this blog because most of life’s problems stem from this simple state of mind.  So bear with me and tag along for the confusion and the epic stories and devotional times my simple day-to-day life can offer you.