I know, right.  Another typical blog that seeks to tell everyone that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.  I’m actually going to make this post short and sweet, just bear with me here.  History is full of conquerors and those who resisted them – the Dutch Afrikaners or Boers fought the British Empire twice, the United States and Great Britain in our very own Revolutionary War, the romanticized French Resistance fighters of WW2 who resisted the German occupation until the war’s end…and the list goes on.  I am by no means the best historian out there, but I am observant to its patterns and to its irregularities.

Resistance by definition is the attempt to prevent something by action or argument. History no matter the level, is a guide to life.  Personal history and global history have the potential ability to teach from their battle-hardened stories.  I say potential due to unstable character.  The properties of any history are very unstable.  One misinterpretation and you could find yourself back in the same predicament that the previous party or parties failed to avoid.  Ignorance and arrogance cause most of the volatility contained within its potential energy.  Ignore the ramifications of a previous action in your own life and you will most definitely witness first-hand what it will be like to repeat your history over and over again.

History books have been said to have been written by those who won – by those to whom the spoils belong.  Well I believe that there is so much to be learned from this.  The winner can write how it all happened but he must maintain a bias on a personal level in order to keep his fight worthwhile even after the guns have stopped.  There is a very definitive volatility here that everyone could learn from.  As often as we have experiences in our lives we have a history to immediately follow. Experiences create history, but so does our decisions after the experiences are over. What kind of bias will you develop in writing your history after you have lived to see another day and are able to display yourself to the world.  The winner writes the history books, but what kind of checks and balance resistance did they use in order to not lose their own humanity?  We must avail ourselves of the resistance we have to not portray ourselves or our history in such a way as to say to the world “we’ve done this by our own accord and we won.”